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This course is specially designed to develop fluency, for those who can understand English but do not have sufficient knowledge to express themselves in this language. We help them to be more and more fluent and keeping in mind the current trend of the contemporary language.

Course :

  1. Introduction to Basic English Speech.
  2. Application of Verbs in correct place and time.
  3. Different Parts of Speech in Sentence formation.
  4. Enhancement of Vocabulary and Word Stock.
  5. Pronunciation Lessons from specially formulated Rhythm Drills.
  6. Perfecting Conversational Skill related to Daily Life.
  7. Up-to-date Business Terms & Letters.
  8. Frequently Asked Questions for Interviews and their Answerers.
  9. Format of Formal letters and CV writing.
  10. Grooming and Personal Interview.
  11. Expressing Views on current affairs.
  12. Interview Skills and Job related Group Discussion


  • Priyanka Dewangan
    Roll No :156