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Group discussions are increasingly being used as assessment tools during recruitment processes, whether for jobs or for enrollment in educational institutions. This is especially true for institutions where “teamwork” is seen as a prerequisite for a productive work environment. Management schools or job placements which require management skills will generally include some form of group discussion activities as a part of their application.

For some recruiters, the group discussion is used as a tool for shortlisting or “weeding out” candidates; that is, if an applicant performs poorly in the group discussion, they may not be eligible for further application processes. Other recruiters see the group discussion simply as an opportunity to get to observe the applicant from a different perspective than is possible from reviewing test scores or conducting personal interviews. Furthermore, if the group discussion takes place before the personal interview, which it typically does, a proficient recruiter can also effectively utilize their observations during the group discussion to generate discussion points for the personal interview.

In this note, we will (1) explain the different types of group discussions you might expect to encounter, (2) describe some of the more common evaluation areas for group discussions, (3) provide an (abridged) example of an evaluation rubric  for a group discussion, and (4) highlight some desirable and undesirable behaviors to be aware of when participating in a group discussion.


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